Monday, February 8, 2010

My Hero!

Some girls dream of vampires. I dream of Kryptonians.

I am a Superman geek. I admit it. I love Superman. Anyway you slice it, the man is hot.

I used to wonder what the heck was wrong with Lois Lane, not seeing the total awesome-ness of Clark Kent. I would dream of finding someone just like him. Tall, dark, handsome, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound . . .

And he's the strong silent type . . . he'll listen to a good rant, but willing to jump into action the moment I yell "Help, Superman!"

I've been waiting and waiting. Everyone tells me I'm dreaming. They say my expectations are too high, that there are no fairy tales. They tell me it's all fiction.

But he's out there. I know he is. My superhero is waiting.

Or maybe it's just Monday. I generally don't need saving on Tuesday.

Really, it could go either way.


Jeana Sue Chilton Hatch said...

Hi Christina. I don't know if you remember me but this is your old college roommate, Jeana Hatch. Yes, I married Steve, not sure if you knew that or not. I am glad I was able to find you on the internet. It looks like you're doing well. I bet you're an awesome teacher. Sorry to hear you're still dealing with seizures though. You handle it so well. I thought you were such an awesome roommate. Steve and I are in California and just had our 4th baby, so needless to say, I am very busy. We are very happy. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi. My email is if you would ever want to write back:)


Jennie-O said...

HE might be waiting, but you need to do some searching for him!! LOL. Hiding in your apartment won't work. LOL